Battle Axe Throwing
valhalla awaits
Battle Axe Throwing
valhalla awaits
Valhalla Awaits


Where are you located?

We are at 105 Orbell Street, Unit 3. Our entrance is off Disraeli Street. Location

What is the maximum number of people allowed to a lane?

We run no more than 4 people per lane so everyone gets a chance to make there mark and enjoy the experience of throwing axes. We do on corporate and special events have more people per lane but this is usually over a longer period so you still have the best experience.

How long does a game usually take?

The usual time for a group is an hour to play a game, but this can be adjusted for larger groups.

Are you allowed to drink beer and throw axes?

Due to regulations you cannot drink alcoholic beverages while throwing axes, but we do offer a selection of non alcoholic beer and wine also a selection of other drinks.

Is there an age limit?

12 and above as the weight of the axes and the height of the target makes it more enjoyable.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

We do sell gift vouchers these are available in our merchandise area of the site 

Can I bring my own axe?

Yes but has to be inspected beforehand to make sure it does not damage the targets or is too large.

Can I turn up by myself or do I need to have a group?

On certain days we can offer a single lane this will be mostly out of peak times, otherwise you would be added to another lane during busy periods. Membership also offers deals on single use lanes.

Are cameras allowed?

Of course, take as many photographs as you like and be sure to tag us in them if uploaded: 

TikTok- BattleAxeThrowing

Instagram- BattleAxeThrowingNZ 

Facebook- Battle Axe Throwing 

Is there parking?

Plenty of street parking is available right outside the front door along Disraeli Street and along Orbell Street

Can I get there via public transport

Yes, here are some bus stops near us: Route 140 stops on Moorhouse near Montreal Street is a 4-min walk, Route 120 stops on Antigua Street near Disraeli Street is 4-minutes, Route 1 stops on Colombo Street near Byron Street is a 9-minute walk. We are also located just a 15 min stroll from the Terrace so easily walkable from the CDB.                                   

Can I bring spectators?

Yes we have a great viewing area that overlooks all the lanes, we also have 2 x 9 foot American made slate pool tables that can be hired while you watch.

What should i wear?

Closed top shoes are a must have (you will not be allowed to play without closed top shoes) No high heels as this is a sporting activity and for health and safety reasons these are not allowed. As we are in summer wear something light weight so your comfortable doing an activity.

How heavy are the axes?

The axes we use are only 850 grams and are very ergonomic to throw.

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